About Jennifer

Independent Mortgage Professional in Calgary, AB

Debt Consolidation Calgary

I became a mortgage broker after many years working in the not-for-profit sector, raising crucial funds for organizations in my community. My goal has always been to help people, and charitable work allowed me to focus on that goal.

During my final semester of my archaeology degree, I started questioning my future. Sure, the Indiana Jones dream was appealing, but who did I really want to be? What did I really want to do with my life? I looked inward and realized that what I really wanted was to help people. So, I shifted my focus (slightly) and embarked on a career in non-profit.

After I had my second child, I was ready for a new challenge. My core values had not change - I still wanted to help people.

I have always been passionate about finance. I consider creating budgets for friends and family a fun activity (nerd alert)! The process of purchasing our first home opened my mind to a career as a mortgage broker. I could combine my love of finance with helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership and financial freedom.