About Jennifer McLean Mortgages

Mortgage Broker in Calgary, AB

During my final semester of my archaeology degree, I started questioning my future. Sure, the Indiana Jones dream was appealing, but who did I really want to be? What did I really want to do with my life? I looked inward and realized that what I really wanted was to help people. So, I shifted my focus (slightly) and embarked on a career in non-profit.

The birth of my second child sparked a new era of contemplation. I was ready for a new challenge, but my core values had not shifted – I still wanted to help people.

I have always been passionate about finance. I consider creating budgets for friends and family a fun activity (nerd alert). The process of purchasing our first home opened my mind to a career as a mortgage broker. I could combine my love of finance with helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership and financial freedom.

The learning curve was steep, but my dedication and the support of a great brokerage helped me face the challenge. I feel lucky to work in a field that allows me to share my passion and help others achieve their dreams.

My Commitment to my clients:

I approach every client interaction with empathy, and provide an exceptional client journey through education, communication and kindness.